COVID-19 - Volunteer

With the current COVID-19 crisis impacting many Western Australians, the City of Kalamunda have created an opt-in service for our community members to register their details to volunteer their time to assist other community members who are struggling during difficult time.

We understand not everyone has someone on call to get supplies delivered to the home and many online deliveries services have been suspended due to current health restrictions in place. This register aims to allow volunteers within the community to register their details to allow the community members who are unable to get out and about due to self-isolation, medical or mobility issues to still get access to supplies such as food.

By registering, the City want to ensure all members of our community who need help can get it and the people who can offer assistance can be connected.
* indicates required
List what other languages you speak proficiently
Can you afford the travel and phone call costs associated with volunteering to assist other community members?
Are you fit and healthy? Can you be out in public? You do not have any pre-existing medical conditions and/or COVID-19 symptoms
Confirm you do not have a current criminal conviction/record which prevents you volunteering in this capacity
I confirm and understand, I will not enter any persons address that I am assisting.